Meet The Team

Sam Shemtob

Following a career that mixed work experience at music TV and record companies with a traineeship at Guinness, Sam, Name PR’s founding member, left PR company Lynne Franks in 1999 to work more closely with music.

His fledgling company Name took on its first serious music client in 2000, with a four-day commission for a nascent Association of Independent Music.  This led to eight years managing the press for one of the industry’s most proactive and exciting bodies, notching up important fair play wins with MTV, iTunes and others along the way.

In 2003 University of Westminster commissioned Name to launch MusicTank.  Sam was its Associate Director until 2014, chiefly responsible for developing MusicTank’s high level think tank series.

With Name going from strength to strength, Sam has found himself the proud leader of one of the UK’s leading music PR and marketing agencies.

Music claim to fame: Linking Francois K with Big Chill founder Pete Lawrence to play his first of many Big Chills.

Lame claim to fame: Meeting Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and asking them their names…

Emma Robinson

Emma is a Senior Account Executive at Name, having joined in January 2015.

Dedicated Durham University graduate with a huge enthusiasm for the music industry (and crossword puzzles).

Emma was previously an Artist Development Intern at Generator, posting and writing tips for their emerging artist blog, The Tipping Point. Prior to that, she had worked for HSBC, Nozstock, Get In! and Rough Trade.

When she’s not writing, talking or thinking about music, Emma can also be found complaining about public transport, playing with her house bunny, expounding on her local’s selection of craft beers, or taking her new peace lily out for a stroll around town.

Katie O’Leary2x2 (temporary)

Following work at a tech start-up and Ministry of Sound, Katie came to Name PR as a Press Assistant in March 2016 and is now an Account Executive.

With a focus on Consumer PR, her specialism lies in electronic and dance music.

Alongside maintaining an electronic music blog, ‘No Talking On The Dancefloor’, she also writes for online house music magazine, ‘Groove Odyssey’, and garage/ grime site, ‘Back295’.

Part music enthusiast, part pseudo-Historian, while not scanning SoundCloud or adding to her blog, she can be found frequenting Medieval churches and pretending to make sense of the Latin.

Lame claim to fame: accidentally mistaking a groupie for one of the Artful Dodger crew, then refusing entry to the real guy while acting as artist liaison.

Rachael Griffith

After graduating from Oxford, Rachael joined Name PR as a press assistant in November 2016 and is now a Junior Account Executive.

With her music speciality lying in rock, her experience covers everything from local government marketing to fashion journalism.

When she’s not busy pretending she’s cool enough to work in the music industry, Rachael can be found writing her ancient-history-masquerading-as-current-affairs blog, ‘Histories and Pleasantries’ or impersonating someone who knows something about wine.

Lame claim to fame: fangirling so much over a phone interview with the lead singer of Twin Atlantic that she hung up on him. Twice.

matt photoMatt Bradley

Matt is a Press Assistant at Name, having joined in May 2017. He’s experienced in fundraising and likes writing about music and theatre.

Matt’s a little too keen on classic rock and lo-fi music, but will listen to pretty much anything you play him as long as you’re passionate about it. He’s also unsuccessfully trying to start selling beer he makes with a friend. Currently they’ve been unable to give any away. They suspect they’re making it wrong.

Lame claim to fame: Matt once busked with (/next to/a bit nearby) Damien Rice on a bridge…