FATdrop To Shake Up Digital Promo With Pro DJ Account

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  • Enables DJs to browse on the move and offline
  • Promises to transform the music promo ecosystem

Berlin, 7th October 2015 – FATdrop, the leading platform for promoting pre-release music, has launched a premium service that enables recipients to hear their promos offline and labels to use the platform for free.

Accessed via a free app, the Pro DJ Account allows recipients to enjoy a fully syncable promo inbox, including playback and download functionality, even when their device is out of signal or offline. DJs with hectic schedules can now engage with new music at their convenience, and will no longer be dictated to by poor connectivity or lack of WiFi. This is expected to lead to improved engagement and in turn, more considered feedback on promos for labels.

Shaking Up The Business Of Music Promo Once More

The Pro DJ account costs users £3.99 per month, with the fee being used to fully subsidise the cost of labels servicing promos to any Pro DJ user – labels will be able to promote to them for free. At a time when labels of all stripes are under huge financial pressures, the move is an attempt to rebalance the ecosystem, reducing pressure on those labels – many of which operate as a labour of love – and allows DJs to offer greater support to the record business.

The new app can also be used without a Pro DJ account, and enables users to enjoy all core FATdrop functionality via their smartphone or tablet, as opposed to an overpopulated email inbox or the constraints of a web browser.  This includes receiving new music alerts, options to preview and submit reactions as well as downloading high quality audio files to a nominated Dropbox folder. This alone is helping to improve the value exchange between DJs and labels.

“Good promotion is all about relationships between labels and tastemakers, and FATdrop strives to strengthen those relationships. The new Pro DJ account opens up channels between both groups, with pro DJs getting the best possible user experience and our clients now able to promote to those DJs for free”, said Founder and Director, Alex Stacey.

“We work with labels and PR companies operating on increasingly tight budgets, as well as DJs and music journalists who rely on the up front music they receive,” Stacey continued,  “We hope this becomes a valuable development in the industry, and helps to maintain the creativity and diversity in music that drives us all.”

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Test links for press, further screenshots of the product and access to a spokesperson from FATdrop are available at request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Pro DJ account cost and how do you pay?

The Pro account will cost the equivalent of £3.99 per month (€4.99, $4.99 equivalent). Users can pay for the upgrade via the FATdrop website using a debit/credit card or PayPal. Options to pay within the app. will be made available soon.

Can users test the Pro DJ account for free?

Yes, FATdrop are offering all users a one month free trial of the Pro account.

What if a user doesn’t want to use the app or upgrade to a Pro DJ Account?

The FATdrop App and Pro DJ account are optional services available to all end users. Promo recipients who neither wish to use the FATdrop app nor wish to upgrade to a FATdrop Pro DJ account will still be able to use FATdrop without any disruption.

Does a user need to download the app in order to use a Pro DJ account?

No. Users can sign up for a Pro DJ account via the FATdrop website to take advantage of any Pro-only promos that are sent to them. However, offline sync mode is only available within the app.

What smartphones can you use the FATdrop app on?

The FATdrop app will be available on Apple/iOS and Android. The FATdrop app can only be used on iPhones / iPads with OS version 7 or higher. The app will not be made available for Windows phones or Blackberry.

How does the offline mode work?

The offline mode is similar to the service operated by Spotify, whereby tracks can be downloaded to the device so that they can be listened to without an internet connection. It also enables a user to leave feedback on releases and to ‘flag’ tracks for downloading. Once the device is back online, any feedback entered is sent to the label and any flagged tracks are automatically downloaded to the user’s nominated Dropbox account.

How does a user register their FATdrop account?

When setting up the FATdrop app for the first time, the user should enter the email address they typically use when receiving promos, i.e. the e-mail address a label holds for them.

How does the app know what Dropbox account to download to?

This information is entered by the user when the first set-up their account on the app.

As a recipient, will I now be paying for the promo?

No, FATdrop recipients receive music promos free of charge (the cost for sending promos through FATdrop is usually at the expense of the label). The £3.99 fee paid by a user for a FATdrop Pro account is for an upgraded level of service. This also subsidises the cost of using the service for the label.

Can a user receive promos from any label they wish?

A user cannot choose to receive promos from a label, this is at the discretion of the issuing label.

Can a label begin sending promos to any Pro DJ account user?

FATdrop operate a strict anti-spam policy. All promos sent through the FATdrop system are sent to email addresses supplied by the label for end-users that have opted in and subscribed to be on a certain mailing list.  So if a user opts out of a label’s mailing list, the label will not be able to service them.

More –

A detailed FAQ section about the FATdrop service, which includes useful information both for labels using the service and recipients of the promos, can be found here.

About FATdrop

FATdrop is an advanced online platform for promoting pre-release music. It enables record labels, PR agencies and other music industry professionals to send branded, watermarked promos quickly and securely. The service also provides clients with informative feedback and statistics from their dedicated mailing lists of DJs, journalists, and tastemakers. Additional features include individual templates, advanced distribution list management, piracy scanning and YouTube video creation. As a pioneer in its field since 2007, FATdrop continues to develop innovative ideas for music promotion.

FATdrop makes it easy for labels who want to send digital promos, by providing a tool that they can use to build, send and analyse promo campaigns themselves. FATdrop promos contain three easy ways for DJs and press to leave feedback while they listen, so labels receive their reactions straight away – then FATdrop automatically collects these reactions and a wealth of other information too (how many promos have been opened, average ratings for tracks, favourite tracks and so on) so labels can easily measure how their promos are doing.



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