Brownswood Music present: Searching for the Perfect Beat: Future Bubblers: Saturday 25th July // Nottingham Block Party // The Irish Centre Car Park

Block Party flyerThis Saturday, 25th July sees the first of the Future Bubblers’ Block Parties taking place in Nottingham. A free community event for everyone in Nottingham, far and wide to come and find out about the Future Bubblers concept, how they can get involved, and how it is set to leave a mark on their city. Music is for everybody, and this is a party for everybody.

There will be music, DJs, [including a very special guest, even if we do say so ourselves, alongside some of the best local DJ talent], vinyl, street food, skipping ropes, hoola hoops and general good vibes. And of course, there will be the all-important opportunity for people to come and meet and speak with the Future Bubblers team.

One of the key focuses of this event is to extend local awareness of the project and what it stands to bring to the local music scene, alongside some important musical moments, which may be, for some people, a first time opportunity.

In tune with the general Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music ethos, vinyl is a big undercurrent for all things Future Bubblers so we have collaborated with the wonderful people at Crosley to set-up a mini “turntable experience” at the Block Party, where young and old can enjoy that magic experience of placing a record on a turntable and watch the music spin-out. There will also be a photo-linked social media competition where one lucky attendee can win one of Crosely’s iconic portable “Cruiser” turntables.

The event is open to everyone: Young, old, families, music makers, music lovers.

FUTURE BUBBLERS NOTTINGHAM // BLOCK PARTY // Saturday 25th July // 3pm – 11pm // Irish Centre Car Park 2-4 Wilford Street Nottingham NG2 1AA

This event is all part of the plan to invigorate the scene and music vibes in each Future Bubblers city as a whole. “Future Bubblers” is about mentoring for the long term across the country. It is a country-wide “movement” of like-minds and vibes.” The project aims to help the local music audiences too; discovering the hidden musical treasures buried deep in their city and putting together positive music experiences that set vibrations for a scene that continues to support and value music from that city. The intention is to collaborate with burgeoning scene supporters, encouraging music to thrive in the cities that first inspired it. This is not a one-off in-and-out do-good scheme; “Future Bubblers” is about mentoring for the long term across the country. It is UK-wide “movement” of like-minds and vibes.

Future Bubblers would like to give special thanks Mimm Store and collective and Crosely for their help making this event happen

“Future Bubblers is a brand new expansion of the Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music ethos. It’s a talent discovery and development idea we’ve put together in collaboration with Arts Council England, with a real focus on making in-roads into new areas, geographically and musically across England. Check for more info and latest updates”

Applications remain open until the FRIDAY 7TH AUGUST deadline.

A total of 10 final candidates will be selected from across all applications.

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