Weeknotes 02.03.12

With Winter now feeling like an all too distant memory and Spring breaking down Winter’s walls, the team have been receiving a bit of sunshine here at Name Towers.

With the imminent arrival of a lot of press coverage for respective clients, the team has been working not only on all of our ongoing projects but some top secret new things too… shhhhh! We can’t tell you all the details just yet.

Lisa, although much better, is still recovering from being very sick. She spent the week with an enormous workload including the prospect of putting out four press releases in one day. For our client Merlin, we achieved extensive coverage as the digital rights agency reached a settlement for its thousands of record label members with LimeWire. The story even appeared in The Guardian and was picked up by popular TechCrunch.

In a never ending cycle of sickness Hugo’s body finally fell to the incessant attacks of germs on his immune system and called in sick today. However, as he’s such a trooper and loves Name SO MUCH that he’s been working from home getting things accomplished and ready for next week.

We’ve also had some strange occurrences in the office. On Thursday Hugo and Denise both heard morse code and blamed Sam, which to their defense was ultimately true, as they both heard it at the same time.  The mystery deepened on Friday when one of our clients gave us a brief involving Morse Code management, freaky right?!!

Quote of the week, has to be from our general knowledge guru, Hugo, “I thought she [Lisa] was going to cough up her face”. This was in reference to Lisa coughing so badly that her face turned a scarlet colour and produced sounds of a dyeing buffalo.

We also have a real treat for you this week as we not only have our fortnightly playlist but also a freebie. That’s right, just to make sure you read to the end of our week notes we save our free stuff until last. Good job you. The free download is from the brilliant and fast rising Soundway Records and is called Tirei O Chapeu by Batida, Sam absolutely loves this stuff.

Our playlist is titled ‘Soundtrack To Our Lives’ can you guess who picked which tunes from our childhood?


Until next week Name fans.

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