Weeknotes 17.2.12

Well LOVE WEEK came and went and the Name Team were all partakers in the festivities, however we’re all glad that it’s now the weekend.

On Monday night Denise and Lisa attended the launch party for Social Media Week – the drinks were flowing and there were some really great characters at the party too. Being the social media addicts that they are, they fitted right in and were able to make some top-class connections.

Although Denise awoke  from her slumber on Thursday thinking she was only mid-way through her week, it’s been a great one for Name’s junk food queen. She’s also extremely excited about judging the auditions for the Live and Unsigned competition this weekend, where a variety of artists will be showcasing their talents and hopefully making it to the next round. She does promise however not to be extremely cold hearted like Simon Cowell  and break anyone’s dreams.

Swathed in the grey Friday afternoon Hugo managed to find beauty in some unlikely places. It isn’t an occurrence that happens often for him – and it definitely did not come from the office, which was chaotic cacophony of crashing computers and coughing employees – but somewhere in the ether inspiration seemed to be pouring forth. Cascading down a mountain, collecting in little luminous pools encased in willing minds, works of art have been springing out and in turn creating further inspiration. An encounter with one such work occurred Friday morning, a track recommended to him by his ex-colleague and web designer friend with impeccable taste, Mr. Dave Hall. A track by British trumpeter Neil Yates, Rainy Harbour is clearly influenced by his Transylvanian band-mate Zsolte Bende and unearths sparse, intimate soundscapes interlaced with Balkan rhythms and rich melodic lines.  The second is a review by Dave Edwards found on Drowned in Sound this week on indie act Tindersticks. It’s worth spending a couple of minutes reading it just to enjoy the writing. As Hugo said, this kind of inspiration is not something that occurs often, but when it does it’s worth stopping and smelling the flowers.

Lisa, the Mommy of the office, rushed home on Thursday as Baby Tru caught a fever. We’ve missed our Yankee in the office and we hope Tru is doing a lot better now.

So who’s looking forward to Pancake Day next week Tuesday? We sure are! Doubt that we’ll  be having a tossing contest, but we’ll be sure to let you know  how our pancakes turn out via Flickr.

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