Weeknotes 10.2.12

Only last week we were talking about snow falling on these shores, but now it seems that the snow will feel like an all too distant memory.  Although it has caused some disruptions like leaving poor little Denise stranded up north, causing her to not have the best start to the week. With plans to see her friend play a gig over the weekend and another live event with the likes of Daley showing their stuff on Sunday, this weekend looks to be exhilarating and she can hardly wait.

Work has gotten going for this summer’s Nozstock festival and even though the warmer days are months away, the Name team is busy planning and preparing for this event. Tom has been researching hundreds of blogs and online forums in the dubstep, jungle and drum ‘n bass genres, whilst Denise has been helping with the hip hop side of things. Mom of the office, Lisa has been thinking about ways to promote the festival to a family audience and Sam was brainstorming how to run a Nozstock Battle of the Bands series of events.

Next week is the international Social Media Week, where Lisa and Denise have plans to check out a Monday night launch party.

With the snow falling Wednesday night, it was time to turn up the heat and stay inside – but Hugo ventured out for the Kinetica Art Fair, where he saw mind-blowing examples of digital art and sculpture. The annual event is one of Lisa’s connections, from her days working on the Cybersonica festival of music, sound, art and technology.

Hugo left the office on Thursday night with the idea fixed firmly in his head that he would see the Black Keys. He’d been too disorganised to get tickets in advance, but was sure that he would be able to source something at the door as there were three gigs over the weekend, there will definitely be some cancelations and scouts with tickets to a Thursday night show. First he would meet a friend but would be on the road in no time to see the gig. Well that meeting set him back an hour or so, “oh well” he thought trying to keep positive, “so I miss a most of the Band of Skulls, would have been nice to see them but I really want to see the Black Keys”. After stopping for something to eat he was on his way in the tube, up the Piccadilly line and at this point properly late but still in high spirits, ‘maybe I’ll be able to get a ticket cheaper as the scouts will have a whole lot that they want to get rid of’ he thought.

By the time he got off the tube it had started snowing heavily, not ideal for his flat soled boots. Checking his phone he imagined it would take 15 minutes to walk to the venue and WHAM! He fell over. “I can still make it” he thought and went trudging up the hill on his non-existent grip and feeling very much like a Napolionic horse retreating in the winter of 1812. As he looked to catch a bus he realised he got off at the wrong stop, it would take him a good 30min to walk there and a flick over his twitter revealed that the Black Keys had started their set. So sitting in a fallen pile of demoralisation, covered in snow on the side of a mountain and over two hours late for a gig he had no ticket, Hugo gave up. The moral of this story is ‘If you’re going to #fail, #fail spectacularly’.

Quote of the week, comes from Hugo. Whilst having an episode about his almost deceased PC, Hugo blurted, “It really grinds my gears… I mean your one function in life is work [as a computer] and you can’t do it”.

We finally have a brand new playlist of our latest recommendations for you Name fans and it’s a good’un!


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