Weeknotes. 23.12.11

Wow! Can you believe it 2011 is almost over and 2012 will soon be ushered in with cheers of joy!

This year has been a thrilling one for the Name team, and we’re more than ever excited about what’s to come… we’ve got some big things taking place in 2012, so make sure to watch this space.

This week has been an extremely exciting and busy for Denise, with not only all of her duties at Name, she’s also had some last minute artist interviews, as well as the mad rush of sorting out Christmas – yes she still hasn’t sorted out presents for her immediate family, we say good luck to her lol.

Lisa and Sam hustled before the big holiday to write up a great press release involving the BRIT Awards. They are extremely eager to release the news to the music industry and technology writers in the new year. They also, fingers crossed, are hoping to score themselves passes to the big night of the BRIT Awards in February, which means 2012 could see them hanging out on the red carpet with the A-listers of the UK music world. If that’s not worth bragging about on Facebook and Twitter, we don’t know what is?

In this last week before the big Christmas holiday, it seems everyone is scrambling about to get presents – except Lisa. A few years ago, she got all of her family (including in-laws) to put an end to gift giving and focus on being together and eating great food. Money has been saved as unwanted gifts that are subject to “re-gifting” are no more, due to a gift being the wrong size or bad colour. Gifts are still given to the one grandson (Lisa’s baby boy Tru), but the adults just happily say a toast to each other and feel glad to escape the Christmas present madness.

Unfortunately for Hugo he is as he describes, “Definitely over 2011, bring on 2012!”  With plans for Paris over Christmas and Berlin over New Years we’re sure he’ll be able to put his cares aside and enjoy the holidays. Check out the photo below of Hugo with his Secret Santa present, a ‘Bah Humbug hat’.

Sadly, this will be the last Weeknotes of the year but we’ll be back in full force from the 3rd Jan, in the meanwhile you can check out our Christmas playlist to see if your favourite made the cut.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!